Will ‘Yellowstone’ return tonight? Return date, where to watch ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 online

There’s plenty to stream as we prepare to bid farewell to 2023. New episodes of Reacher Season 2 premiere Thursday night on Prime Video Dr. Death Season 2, which focuses on the bizarre tale of Paolo Macchiarini, is now streaming on Peacock, and features a fun called Love & Monsters Hidden Gems , the apocalyptic tale is available on Netflix. And we haven’t even mentioned high-profile films like Maestro, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and Leave the World Behind, which are all on Netflix.

Unfortunately, Yellowstone is absent from the above list. All five seasons of Taylor Sheridan’s popular action drama are available to watch on Peacock, but there will be no new episodes of the series for the rest of 2023. When will Yellowstone actually come back? Here’s everything you need to know.

Rip may have deliberately allowed Kayce to win their fight.

In episode two, when Kayce demotes Rip (Cole Hauser) to become foreman of the ranch, the two clash in front of the other ranchhands and John.

Although both of them receive several nasty hits, it is Kayce who prevails when Rip invites him in for one final punch and it happens that he knocks him down.

After the fight ends, Rip approaches John, who thanks Kayce for “making him earn it”, which appears to be a reference to the victory. However, it can also be applied to the respect of other Yellowstone employees who witnessed Kayce defeat the ranch’s most formidable wrangler.

Allowing the boss’s son to beat him up, Rip selflessly pushes aside his pride to help the others and tells them that there has been a changing of the guard. He must show Caius the same respect and loyalty that he had shown before.


After suddenly bleeding from the mouth and collapsing in a field, John (Kevin Costner) has to undergo an urgent surgical procedure by a veterinarian because he does not have enough time to reach the hospital.

While John and his son Kayce (Luke Grimes) fear it might have something to do with his previously diagnosed colon cancer, it turns out to be something else entirely: a ruptured ulcer.

Later, when he is taken to the hospital in a helicopter, the show makes it clear that John’s days are no longer numbered.

“Well, the bright side of it: You don’t have cancer,” Kayes says. “Not dying yet.”

It’s a 180-degree turn from the show’s first season, which reveals John’s aggressive, incurable cancer and gives the hero even more reason to ensure that his land and legacy remain intact.

This plot duplication may be based on the fact that “Yellowstone” was originally pitched as a 10-episode limited series before being renewed for its second season.